Why do they call a diet rich in omega-7 fatty acids having ‘old people smell’?

Why do they call a diet rich in omega-7 fatty acids having ‘old people smell’?

Capt. Hibbeln, M.D., discusses how you can determine the omega-3 fatty acid levels in your bloodstream.

Old people smell also is referred to as aging, skunking, and staling, and had first been applied to brewing craft beers and then labeled on people who are considered ‘old.’ What happens in a human of any age when reeking of “old people smell” is that the body begins to exude an oily sebum that lubricates the skin. But the sebum breaks down on the skin into the chemical 2-noneal. So it’s the chemical 2-noneal causing what is unfortunately labeled as “old people smell.”

Do older adults tend to stink more as they age?

Research has associated with human body odoralterations during aging. At the Wikipedia site, you’ll read how the substance, 2-noneal is also an important aroma component of aged beer and buckwheat. The odor of this substance is perceived as orrisfat andcucumber.

Your body is exuding too much sebum oil, too much liquid fat on the skin that reeks as you age, say some researchers. You can read more in the April 2001 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Shinichiro Haze, et al. See the study, “2-Nonenal Newly Found in Human Body Odor Tends to Increase with Aging.” It’s published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Frequent washing and specially formulated cosmetics eliminate the smell, as explained in the article, “Omega-7 Fatty Acids – The Essential Non-Essential Fatty Acids” at the Fatty Acids Hub. For further information on this, check out the sites, Omega-7 Side Effects and Omega-7 Benefits. This site claims by consuming fat you might even lose weight. Other sites say you gain weight by eating too many fats. There are essential fatty acids and there are the non-essential fatty acids.

What you actually need is a balance of omega-3 essential fatty acids, omega-6 essential fatty acids, and omega-9 fatty acids. You could get by on just what oils are essential to your body.

One of the reasons why omega-7 fatty acids are called the old people smell fat is where they come from. One form of transfat is, you guessed it, omega-7 fatty acid, but it is said to be a more healthy form of transfat. How is that possible that a transfat can be healthy? Wouldn’t it be a saturated fat?

Actually, omega 7 is found in some plants and animals. For example, one form of omega-7 fatty acids is called vaccenic (literally “cow”) fatty acid found in dairy products. Yes, cow fatty acid is a trans- fat. The catch-22 is that it does helps your body overcome inflammation only if you don’t eat excess of other fatty foods. But how many people actually do that? Not many.

Do vegans smell better than people who eat excess dietary fats? On the other hand, omega-7 fatty acids are not found in non-fat foods. There are no omega-7’s in non-fat dairy products. You’d have to drink dairy products made with whole milk or at least 2 per cent fat milk to get the omega-7 fatty acids. Examples would be dairy milk products, including yogurt and cheese not made with skimmed milk.

The ironic point is why do a balance of the omega-7 fatty acid in dairy products lower cholesterol?

And would it lower cholesterol for all people, or only those genetically predisposed to their bodies behaving that way in the face of dairy? Scientists at the University of Albert have found that feeding lab rats vaccenic acid for sixteen weeks lowered total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. On the other hand, humans eating excess cheese and butter might quickly clog their arteries.

On the other hand, there is a vegetarian source of omega-7 fatty acids called sea buckthorn. The issue with sea buckthorn is that the plant thrives in high-salt environments near the shoreline and also in deserts throughout West Eurasia to Mongolia. But what can you eat of it when the berries are inedible as they are in nature. What has to be done to them is to freeze them. This increases the sugar content.

Non-fat foods don’t have any omega-7 fatty acids

Nutritionists found that they have 15 times the vitamin C content of oranges. But if you want omega-7 fatty acids in your diet, they do have them. You can find them in supplements and skin lotions or creams. But there’s a source also of omega-7 fatty acids in Macadamia nuts, which come from Hawaii, but can be ordered online or found in many health food stores.

The palmitoleic acid found in Macdamia nuts is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists have found that this form of omega-7 fatty acids burn fat. But eating too many nuts can make you fat. So you could buy palmitoleic acid supplements if you’re trying to lose weight. But many seniors can’t afford all these supplements just to get a small amount of omega 7 fatty acids into their body. What else can they do to find it in common foods?

The goal is not to go overboard because if you eat too many omega-7 supplements or eat too much food containing omega-7 fatty acids, that odor arises that is labeled “old people” smell. But just what is “old people stench”? It’s oil sebum on the skin that the body is trying to get rid of. You’d need several baths or showers daily to keep it off or plenty of cosmetics. And most people don’t like the reek of heavy perfumes or scented oils when it’s overwhelming or trying to cover over oily sebum stench. Also you can check out the article, “Omega-7 Side EffectsThe Problems You Can Encounter From Taking Too Much of the Wrong Omega-7 Side Effects.”

Changes in the color and odor of your urine

When you see dark red urine, you’ll think the worse. That article reports how sea buckthorn can change the color and odor of your urine. The urine may turn dark yellow, similar to its appearance after dehydration, or dark red, leading you to wonder whether you have bleeding in your bladder or urinary tract. There may also be an odor that is something similar to the smell of old, musty books. Check out the article for more information on side effects of taking omega-7 fatty acids.

You could take a supplement of omega-7 fatty acids now and then. It has been said that supplements don’t create the smell. You just don’t have to wolf down too many supplements. What people make the mistake doing is to take supplements for weight loss or to lower cholesterol when they should be getting a balance from diet and supplements that don’t build up in the body only to be released on the skin as oily sebum.

Omega-7 fatty acids are non-essential, but they do have a use in maintaining your health

The best way to start researching them is to find out what deficiencies you have or what you can’t absorb. Or you could eat a handful of Macadamia nuts. You may want to see the study, “Control of adipogenesis by fatty acids.” Or check out the abstract of the study, Fatty acid composition of developing sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) berry and the transcriptome of the mature seed. Or see another study, “The influence of diet on the activity of carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 toward a range of acyl CoA esters.”

Authors are Power, G.W., Cake, M.H. and Newsholme E.A. The article is published in the journal, Lipids.32: 31-37. (1997). Or check out a different study, “Biochemical and Molecular Action of Nutrients Research.”

Obesity is one of the major Public Health problems

Scientists for decades have been writing about how obese individuals are more susceptible to develop cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus. But some people are fat on the inside and thin on the outside. They can be rail-thin and have clogged arteries due to genetic predisposition and/or diet.

In one study, “Control of adipogenesis by fatty acids,” Arq Bras Endocrinol Metabol. 2009 Jul;53(5):582-94, scientists looked out how obesity results from the increase in size and number of the adipocytes. The balance between adipogenesis and adiposity determines the degree of obesity.

Mature adipocytes secrete adipokines, such as TNFalpha, IL-6, leptine and adiponectin, and lipokine, the palmitoleic acid omega-7

The production of adipokines is increased in obesity, contributing to the onset of peripheral insulin resistance. The knowledge about the molecular events that regulate the differentiation of pre-adipocytes and mesenchymal stem cells into adipocytes (adipogenesis) is important for the comprehension of the genesis of obesity. Activation of transcription factor PPARgamma plays an essential role in the adipogenesis, noted the study’s abstract.

Certain fatty acids are PPARgamma ligands and can control adipogenesis. Moreover, some fatty acids act as signaling molecules regulating their differentiation into adipocytes or death. Accordingly, the lipid composition of the diet and PPARgamma agonists can regulate the balance between adipogenesis and death of adipocytes and, therefore, the obesity.

What does it all mean to the average senior who wants to eat right and balance nutrition for health? It means getting what your body can absorb and use to its full potential…same as you’d acquire a skill that your body can use to fulfill its potential.

THAN KS TO: http://www.examiner.com/article/why-they-call-a-diet-rich-omega-7-fatty-acids-having-old-people-smell

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