UPCOMING EVENT – Texas State Parks on the Air – April 8 – 9 2017

The Lake Area Amateur Radio Club (K5LRK) is organizing the Texas State Parks on the Air event this year. The event will take place on April 8 – 9 2017.

Info on the event can be found on the website: tspota.org Check that site out for rules and a list of all Texas State Parks designators.

tspota.org SITE   Texas State Parks on the Air

Texas State Parks on the Air – Where Radio meets Wild.



Taking Amateur Radio into the wild!

Texas State Parks on the Air is an annual event that combines the fun of amateur radio contesting with the beauty of the Texas State Parks!  During this event amateur radio operators are invited to take their radios, family and friends into the wilds of the Texas State Parks and have some fun contacting other radio operators in other Texas State Parks!Next event: April 8-9, 2017



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