The Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) training and simulation market 2011-2021

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Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) training and simulation market 2011-2021 – Technology – Advances

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added a new report on “Oil and Gas Virtual Reality (VR) training and market Simulation 2011-2021 “which outlines the application, Workforce Trends and analysis reports in the industry.

The formation of oil and gas and simulation market is set or strong growth over the next decade as a combination of increasing demand for oil and gas, the retirement of the generation of baby boom, improved technology and increasing security concerns to help virtual reality technologies become more widespread. Visiongain calculates the formation of oil and market simulation and reality – defined as spending on hardware, software maintenance and technologies – at a value of $ 2.24bn in 2011

This report provides a review and oil. reality training and simulation market over the next decade, to provide detailed forecasts on the market for each of the regional markets and offer an in-depth analysis of opportunities and challenges faced by companies in the market worldwide. The various drivers and market constraints are evaluated in order to provide readers with an accurate view into the future direction of the industry, while the analysis is supported by original interviews with five of the main companies in training Oil and real and simulation market.

How much do each of the markets for oil and gas regional planning to spend on the acquisition and maintenance of training technologies and simulation between 2011 and 2021? Who are the big companies and what are the technologies in the market for oil and gas? What factors will drive growth opportunities over the next decade? These crucial questions and many others are finally answered in this comprehensive report.

Comprehensive analysis

the formation of oil and gas and simulation market
The Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) Training and Simulation Market 2011-2021 report examines this sector critical to a comprehensive review of recent contracts, press reports, industry publications, market analysis and expert consultation. The report provides detailed forecasts for the global market, forecasts and analysis for the seven regional markets; some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), profiles of leading companies involved in the industry, a discussion of advanced technologies in the market and assessments of market factors and constraints. This report also includes transcripts of interviews with five industry experts. This package of analyzes can not be obtained anywhere else.

The report draws on a rich combination of primary and secondary research, interviews, official announcements of business and government, media reports, policy documents, statements from industry and extensive consultation of expert opinion.

Why should you buy The Oil & Gas Virtual Reality (VR) training market 2011-2021 and Simulation?
• You will receive a complete analysis of oil and global reality, training and simulation markets with market forecasts and detailed analyzes for 2011-2021.
• The analysis and prediction has been supported by extensive expert consultation. You can read exclusive interviews and original with five major companies operating in the oil and gas formation and
– Kevin McNulty of Coole Immersive
– Andrew Colin VRcontext
– Roald Hansen of GexCon
– Paul Unterweiser Marine Simulation LLC
-. Sat Jago simulation TSC
• You will be able to view the regional market forecasts and analysis of oil and seven regional training and reality
– North America

Europe – Middle East
– Asia Pacific

Africa – South America
– Russia and Central Asia
• You will be able to study 57 tables and charts to quantify, analyze and forecast the market in detail from 2011 to 2021.
• You will discover an analysis of key factors and constraints that affect the formation of oil and real over the next decade.
• An overview of 13 key technologies in the oil and gas and training.
• You will receive a SWOT analysis to examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the formation of oil and real over the next decade.
• You will be able to view the profiles of 39 major companies operating in the formation of oil and real.

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