20 Best Winter Life Hacks


  Winter is a tough time of year for many. The days are long and cold, and weather extremes can not only strike at a moment’s notice, but they can bring treacherous and dangerous conditions. Farmers’ Almanac to the rescue! You count …

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Top Story: Using these passwords makes you a prime target for hackers By Ariyanna Norman, Komando.com   Between the 1 billion hacked Yahoo accounts and all the other cyberattacks that occurred last year, 2016 could easily be declared the year …

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Smart Phone Flashlight


  Smartphone flashlight apps for Android devices and security threats they may pose. Read more at http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/flashlight.asp#zgBTdQZeiHLMQyla.99 AND  http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/f/Flashlight-apps.htm#.VHIYxrd0zEY See video at:  www.youtube.com/embed/Q8xz8xKEFvU On 1 October 2014, cybersecurity company SnoopWall released a “threat assessment report” discussing flashlight apps for Android …

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