Questions Medical Tourists to Mexico Need to Ask

Medical Tourist

Questions Medical Tourists to Mexico Need to Ask

Topics: Health Care
Written by: Mexperience
Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Doctor and Patient
By Monica Rix Paxson

People from the United States and Canada have been traveling south to Mexico for medical treatment for decades. This includes people in the border regions who simply find care on “el otro lado” convenient and familiar, especially for those who have roots in Mexico, and also to those needing major surgeries such as an organ transplant or hip replacement and find that care in their home country is not affordable or will be delayed for months.

While there are many facilities that crow about the quality of their medical care and how modern their facilities are, it can be difficult to evaluate them objectively. Sometimes potential “medical tourists” (people traveling for medical care) don’t even know what to ask to help them decide where to go for treatment. While this is not necessarily a complete list—you will have questions that are specific to your unique needs—it should help you in your quest.

Questions you need to ask when seeking medical care in Mexico:

  • What you are seeking treatment for? (emergencies should be treated locally)
  • How far you are able to travel in comfort? (air travel over long distances is not appropriate for all medical tourists)
  • What kinds of certification and accreditation does the facility have?
  • What are the areas of specialization of the hospital you are considering?
  • Who are the doctors who would be treating you and what training have they had?
  • Do the doctors and staff speak your native language?
  • How often has the surgical team performed the procedure you are seeking?
  • What is their success rate with that procedure?
  • Are the doctors board-certified in the specialty you require?
  • What recommendations or testimonials can be provided related to your specific medical needs?
  • Are there former patients you can speak to or correspond with?
  • What is the package of accommodations and services you are being offered?
  • Can the hospital or clinic provide any special dietary or mobility needs you have?
  • What is the price, and what is specifically included in that price?
  • Will there be any additional charges?
  • What provisions have been made for after-surgery care and follow up treatment?
  • What kind of relationship are you able to build with the facilitator or provider?

It is always a challenge to make a wise decision about care. There are many factors to weigh. And with the worldwide growth of the medical tourism industry, you may notice a growing tendency to treat patients as a commodity, something that should be avoided.

That said, there are many excellent providers in Mexico and I recommend that you speak to a several before making a decision. My book, The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico, may also help you find the specialists you need and will help prepare you for the cultural differences.

Healthcare Assistance: Want to know what your healthcare choices are in Mexico? Make a no-cost, no-obligation healthcare assistance inquiry. This is an opportunity for you to explore your options, have your questions answered, and be connected to qualified healthcare professionals who are qualified to assist based on your individual situation.

THANKS TO:  Monica Rix Paxson is an expert in the field of Mexico healthcare. She is author of the English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico, an eBook available for immediate downloadShe resides full-time in Tepoztlan, a beautiful highland town situated about 50 miles south of Mexico City.


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