20 Best Winter Life Hacks


  Winter is a tough time of year for many. The days are long and cold, and weather extremes can not only strike at a moment’s notice, but they can bring treacherous and dangerous conditions. Farmers’ Almanac to the rescue! You count …

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Before you look for a job, PLEASE fix your Facebook account


Before you look for a job, PLEASE fix your Facebook account I love a good party on the weekend. Work hard, play hard, right? I love sharing pics of my friends and I having fun and being stupid, but you …

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10 Questions Military Veterans Should Ask


10 Questions Military Veterans Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer Congratulations!  You have the job offer in hand.  You have spent months perfecting your resume, honing your interview skills, searching and applying for jobs online, and now you have …

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  If you have this security software, remove it RIGHT NOW By Francis Navarro, Komando.com © Chachas | Dreamstime Now, this is troubling. If you have this line of security software installed on your computer, it’s probably a good time …

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Microsoft fixes Windows’ problems


October 9, 2017 Leave a comment 1 Update! Microsoft silently fixes Windows’ major problems By Francis Navarro, Komando.com If you are a regular reader of Komando.com, you should know by now that the second Tuesday of each month is unofficially …

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15 scenarios a real estate agent should refuse


Real estate professionals often complain, “I never seem to have enough time.” Considering we haven’t figured out how to add a 25th hour to the day, and that spending your week rushing around, wasting your breath, and devoting precious minutes …

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The MLS can’t offer what the rich want most: Privacy


Good news for agents and brokers looking to edge their way into the industry’s opulent tier: The population of wealthy consumers around the world is rising, and they increasingly want to invest in real estate, according to Luxury Portfolio International’s …

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Avoid missteps to student loan forgiveness


Having college debt disappear is something many student loan holders can only dream of. But it’s possible for some of the 44 million people in the U.S. with education loans. Through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, or PSLF, people …

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Time-Share Bandits


Time-Share Bandits How police brought down one shady time-share operation by Doug Shadel, AARP The Magazine, June/July 2017| Join SHOWTIME Free Trial JUSTIN METZ “It’s a business. It’s an industry,” is how one regulatory affairs expert describes time-share fraud. She’d had …

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How To Store Eggs


How To Store Your Chickens’ Freshly Laid Eggs Posted by The Happy Chicken Coop on May 15, 2015 Posted In: Guides There are not too many greater pleasures in life than strolling down to the bottom of your garden, reaching …

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