Independent Timeshare Exchange Companies

Most Timeshare owners would have heard of RCI ( and Interval International as their resort will be affiliated to either one or both of them. They both dominate the worldwide timeshare exchange market place.

A list of independent exchange companies, in alphabetical order. Some specialise in European exchanges, others in and around the USA and Australia. You don’t have to be a resident in a particular country to be able to join an Exchange Company.

Take the time to check out some of these independent timeshare exchange companies before you make your next exchange. You could well end up with an extra two weeks holiday time out of your one-week depending on demand and current bonuses being offered.

1) Dial an Exchange

Dial An Exchange started in Australia in 1997. The operation was extended to Europe in 1999, and subsequently to USA, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Thailand and China. They are arguably the third largest exchange company in the World.

The company says it’s goal is to provide timeshare exchanges at a low cost with a minimum of aggravation.

Dial An Exchange doesn’t have a membership fee so it makes them quite economical to use alongside your RCI or II membership. You simply pay the exchange fee when your exchange request is accepted. You can either deposit your week first for a 3-year credit or search first for an exchange you’d like and then deposit your week.

The exchange fees are based on your country of residence. Bonus time is available with this company, and you can bank your weeks for future use. Check out their Gold Advantage account.

The Dial an Exchange resorts is listed online at the company’s Web sites, USA and Europe

2) Hawaii Time Share Exchange (HTSE).

Hawaii Timeshare Exchange is a smaller exchange company that specialises in exchanges among resorts located in Hawaii. It does offer timeshare exchanges on the mainland United States and in international locations aswell.

Joining is free, though you will be required to pay an annual membership fee. You can pay $49 per year, $125 for three years, or $199 for five years (if you pay the entire multiyear sums in advance).

You are allowed to bank your weeks for future use with Hawaii Timeshare Exchange, and upgrades are available for $175 plus the price of exchange. To review the resorts in the company’s directory, log on to the Hawaii Timeshare Exchange Website,

3) Platinum Interchange

Platinum interchange charges no membership fees or annual dues, and it is one of the bigger “smaller” exchange companies doing tens of thousands of timeshare trades each year. The company charges $99 for domestic timeshare exchanges and $119 for international exchanges, with an upgrade fee of $87 if you want to trade your unit for one that is bigger or more in demand.

For more information, log on to the Platinum Interchange Web site,

4) San Francisco Exchange Company

San Francisco Preferred Resorts (SFX). Established in 1992, SFX Preferred Resorts is the only Exchange Company specialising in the industrys highest rated resorts. It is a vacation exchange service within a network of strategic alliances specialising in preferred quality and rated resorts in high demand locations within Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, United States, Western Europe and other global regions upon request.

The SFX timeshare exchange program has two membership options, one free and one paid. As a paid Platinum member, you get a substantial discount on the exchange fees and get free guest certificates. You can also search for an exchange before depositing your week and get an 18-month request window. Free members must deposit their vacation week first and have a 12-month request window. For both types of memberships, once you deposit your week, you have up to two years to complete your exchange.

Platinum-level memberships cost $199 for three years, or $299 for five years, and entitle you to make exchanges at a rate of $129 – no matter whether your trade is domestic or international. Platinum-level members also are entitled to a free upgrade in unit size, as well as a bonus week that can be requested from two years to just one week in advance.

There is no membership fee if you want to join at the gold level, but domestic and international exchanges are charged at a higher rate of $149. In addition, gold-level members do not get the additional benefits that platinum members receive. To learn more about the San Francisco Exchange Company, check out its website,

5) Trading Places International

This is another one of those bigger smaller exchange companies, arranging tens of thousands of timeshare exchanges each year. The business is based in California. Founded in 1973, Trading Places became involved with vacation ownership resorts in 1975.

The company’s philosophy is that 80 percent of timeshare owners want to exchange their units for the same 20 percent of other resorts in Hawaii, Mexico, and the United States, and so it focuses on servicing the resorts in those areas that it sees as high demand & as well as in exchanges for cruise-ship vacations. There is no mandatory membership fee to join, but you can receive a $30-per-week-traded discount, along with other discounts including unit upgrades, if you are willing to pay the $79 membership fee. If you sign up for a five-year membership, the cost is $314, an $81 savings over the year-to-year fee. The exchange fees themselves vary widely, from about $110 to$160.

Now owned by Interval International, Trading Places remains an independent company within II.’s sphere of influence and is one of the largest of the alternative exchange companies.

Learn more about Trading Places International by logging on to its website,

6) Vacation Earth

The Vacation Earth marketing message is that by using its services, you can exchange your timeshare unit for prime weeks that are unavailable through the “big two” exchange companies, Resort Condominiums International and Interval International. These weeks include yet-to-be-sold units in new timeshare resorts, foreclosed timeshare units; redline weeks (during which owners cannot use their units because of unpaid maintenance fees), and more.

VacationEarth, based in South Florida, charges $99 per week exchanged. The company does not list any membership fees. To find out more, check out the Vacation Earth website at

7) United Kingdom Resort Exchange (UKRE).

An independent exchange company for exchanging among resorts in the British Isles with access to over 100 UK resorts. As of 2012, new members can join UK Resort Exchange for free for 2 years. Thereafter, a low annual fee is charged for membership. Web site:

Take the time to check out some of these independent timeshare exchange companies before you make your next exchange. You could well end up with an extra two weeks holiday time out of your one-week depending on demand and current bonuses being offered.

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