Find contract jobs overseas

How to find contract jobs overseas

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Whether you’re preparing to go traveling and want to get a job while you’re abroad, or want to make your move to a foreign country more permanent, landing work overseas is a lot more complicated than simply firing off a few applications.


Ask your current employer if it has any overseas opportunities for which you might be a good fit. You should also contact other companies you’ve worked for in the past and former colleagues who have foreign connections that may be able to help. Making the most of your contacts can be a great way of setting yourself up with overseas work.


Research the entry and visa rules of the country in which you want to work. You may need a job offer to enter some countries; others could let you in to look for work if you can prove you can support yourself. If workers with your education and experience are needed in that country, your visa application may be fast-tracked.


Visit jobs boards such as Professional Overseas Contractors ( or to find vacancies. You should also check out local job sites from the country in which you want to work. It will also be worthwhile to register with international recruitment agencies, especially if your skills are in demand overseas.


Get your sh!t straight. This will be particularly important if you’re heading off to a war zone.


Network with people currently in this field. Here’s some good groups to find contractors that work overseas:


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