A new tool to calculate your retirement savings

Obtain an estimate of how much you have in store in terms of retirement savings? There are tons of retirement calculators on the Net, with the AARP calculator retirement ancient of them. The earlier version required the user to input numerous variables such as age of retirement prescribed, life expectancy, social security payments, and an approximate annual rate of inflation. Due to the complexity of the process and the necessary data, many users who wanted to calculate their nest egg does not pass through the entire process.

Enter the AARP calculator newest retirement. The online tool has been redesigned to help seniors understand their financial needs for retirement, the opportunity to retire on time or earlier, and more information on what to do to better achieve their financial goals for retirement. The combination of financial security director Jean Setzfand said the new version has been developed to make the tool easier to use and more attractive for near-retirees, and ultimately help people through the process of calculating and finish it to arrive at an estimate.

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